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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Body Talk

About 93 percent of our communication is nonverbal, making body language and facial expressions the majority of our communication. Learn how to master yours!Do you fidget when you talk to your boss or
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7-Minute Total Body Workout

If your top-two obstacles to squeezing in a workout is lack of time or that you just can’t get to the gym, I have a solution! This 7-minute workout is a routine you can do anywhere, anytime. You

Weigh Your Fitness Options

After the holiday season, many of us make a mad rush to the gym, but finding the right fitness facility is key to ensuring we stay on track.After an indulgent holiday season, many of us make a mad rus

Some Like it Raw

A growing trend among health-conscious individuals is the raw food diet. Dip your toes into raw food cooking with one of these recipes.A growing trend among health-conscious, food-loving individuals i

Nutritious Crispy Chicken Meals

All is not lost for those who love crispy fried chicken but can\'t stomach the fat. Try this healthy fried chicken recipe and its equally healthful side dishes.All is not lost for those who love crispy

Superfood Spotlight: Chia Seeds

This Superfood Spotlight we take a look at chia, the tiny seed that packs a powerful nutritional punch.In today’s Superfood Spotlight, we take a closer look at chia seeds, and show you why good things
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New Year, New Life Hacks


Must Read

Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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5 Quick Moves for Stronger Legs

If you’re short on time but want to squeeze in an effective lower-body strength workout, try my quick and effective five-move leg workout. The key to working your lower body is to target all of

15-Minute Total Body Workout with a Towel

Using a glider or towel, you can create a fun and challenging workout without using any weights! Make sure you warm-up before you start any exercise program, and take it at you own pace. Start w

Improve Your Diet in the New Year with These Four Simple Resolutions

These four diet resolutions are achievable individually. And if you’re feeling up for a challenge, why not adopt a few?If you’re into making New Year’s resolutions, chances are one of your goals is to

Meatless Monday: Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

In today’s Meatless Monday post, we’ll share with you tips for transitioning to a vegan diet.If Meatless Monday isn’t a new thing for you, and you tend to eat meatless on all days ending with “y,” the