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Friday, July 12, 2024



Probiotics for Life

Yes, some bacteria can be healthy! Probiotics can help to rebalance our gut bacteria and protect our digestive systems and immune systems.Hippocrates said, “all disease starts in the gut,” and this co

Insomnia and How to Improve Your Sleep

In Australia, around one in three people have difficulty in either getting to sleep or staying asleep. That’s a lot of sleepless nights! If you are one of the millions who have trouble sleeping, you k

10 Foods for a Healthier Smile

Our teeth are what we eat, say dental care experts. For healthier teeth and a whiter smile, munch on these 10 foods.Almost everyone—99.7 percent of adults surveyed, to be precise—thinks their smiles a

Medicinal Mushrooms

Shiitake, maitake, reishi - these exotic mushrooms - and others - have been used for centuries to support health and vitality. Today, researchers are uncovering the properties of these mushrooms that

10 Tips for a Holiday Energy Boost

Feeling stressed? Don’t let the holidays get you down! Read our energy-boosting and stress-busting tips.Feeling stressed? December is a hectic time of year that can send even the most organized of us


The low-FODMAP diet has an ungainly name, but it\'s helping to reduce the symptoms of IBS and Crohn\'s disease. Studies show it works better than standard dietary advice.There’s a new acronym in the die

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Honey

Honey is a truly versatile treat. Find out just how far its golden touch extends in the areas of health and beauty. Also, explore the world of honey varieties, organic honey, and bee-derived supplemen

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

For many people, lowering their blood pressure is a key step to heart health. Small changes in the foods you eat can yield big results. Increase your intake of cold-water fish containing heart-healthy

Learn How to Manage Celiac Disease

Being diagnosed as a celiac can bring on a slew of new challenges. From social functions to medications, it\'s important to be proactive and stand up for your health. With proper support and time to ad

What You Should Know About Candida

Oral thrush. Diaper rash. Yeast infection. These are common conditions that also share a common thread. As we know, the body is host to a variety of bacteria and fungi—some useful, some harmful. One o

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