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Monday, June 24, 2024



So You Want to Start… Strength Training

Of all the habits that I help people learn, the one that might be the dearest to my heart is weight training. I have been teaching people how to pick up heavy things since 2008 and a Certified S

5 Ways to Work Your Core (No Crunches!)

Spring is around the corner, and, like it or not, crop tops are still in style! Chances are you’ve been crunching away in hopes of achieving a lean, defined core—but what if I said that was all

Fast Fitness! 15-Minute Full-Body Kettlebell Workout (with VIDEO!)

Welcome to Fast Fitness! With this new series, we plan to bring you simple, at-home workouts that are LOW on time, but BIG on results. We hope you enjoy our first one from Neghar Fonooni! Somet

How Often Should You Replace Your Running Shoes?

When it comes to equipment, running is a simple sport—regardless of whether you’re training for a 5K, a half marathon, or a full marathon (or just jogging around the neighborhood). Generally all

Fast Fitness! 10 Minutes to a Stronger Core (with Video!)

Last week I introduced the concept of effective and efficient 15-minute workouts, utilizing specific strategies to ensure that you make the most of your time. In today’s busy world, it seems we

Fast Fitness! Burn Fat & Build Muscle in 15 Minutes (with Video!)

Continuing with our 15-minute workout series, today I’m discussing a challenging and efficacious type of workout known as a “complex.” Last week, I gave you a fabulous ladder workout using only

Fast Fitness! The No-Gym, No-Equipment, No-Excuses Workout (with Video!)

If you’ve been keeping up with the Fast Fitness! workout series, you’ve likely been convinced by now that 15-minute workouts are no joke! While we all wish we had more time to dedicate to exerci

4 Pilates Moves Every Runner Should Try

Hip strength is essential for a runner to maintain power and strength, and to stay injury free. The hip muscles control the mechanics of your knee and with weakness or instability a runner is at

Fast Fitness! A Total Body Push-Pull Circuit (with Video!)

In the past few weeks of Fast Fitness!, we’ve gone over combination movements, ladders, complexes, and bodyweight circuits. I’ve shown you how to use all of these concepts to create quick, effic

3 Great Outdoor Workouts

With all this warm weather, it’s silly to stay inside just to exercise. Get out of the gym to get your sweat going! And while you’re out there, go beyond pedaling and pavement pounding with one

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