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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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5-Move Lower Body Workout

Looking for a lower body workout that targets your thighs? Check out these 5 exercises from Hot5 Fitness. Bonus: they also engage your core. For the best results, do each exercise for 1 minute,

5-Move Action Core Workout

Have you ever seen a tree with branches stronger than its trunk? We haven’t either. Having a strong core allows you to be stronger from every angle and gives you the physical stability you need

5-Move Home Cardio Workout

No time to get to the gym? No problem. You can get all the cardio you need to keep yourself fit without ever leaving your living room. Your heart is the most important muscle you have, and the g

A 15-Minute Core Routine You Haven’t Tried

There is always an occasion for a strong set of abs, whether it’s for a little black dress, a bathing suit or casual get together with friends. “I don’t want six-pack abs,” said nobody ever. Tod

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