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Monday, June 24, 2024

Step Out on Winter Walk Day!

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Step Out on Winter Walk Day!

Put on your toque, mitts, and long johns to stay warm, and enjoy an invigorating walk. Today is Winter Walk Day!

February 5th is Winter Walk Day! From Newfoundland to BC, it’s time to bundle up and make tracks in your favourite park, walk the kids to school, take a break at lunchtime, or give the dog some exercise. Walking is an outdoor activity that almost everyone can enjoy.

Layer up

Layers are the way to go to keep you warm in cold weather. Wear a sweat-wicking base layer, an insulating layer, and a windproof, water resistant jacket if rain or snow is in the forecast.

Boot it

Wear lightweight waterproof walking or hiking boots to keep your feet warm and dry.

Top it off

A warm hat or earband will keep your ears toasty warm, and a scarf is a must. Mittens are warmer than gloves as they allow your fingers to build up warmth.

Be Sun Savvy

Even though it’s winter, apply a natural sunscreen and lip protector to prevent chapping, and sun and wind burn.

Drink Up

And don’t forget your water bottle! It may be cold out, but you still need to stay hydrated.

Why walk?

The benefits of walking have been well documented by research:

  • stress relief and mood enhancement
  • immune boosting, especially when your route traverses a park or forest setting
  • relief of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) through exposure to natural daylight
  • cardiovascular and heart health benefits
  • type 2 diabetes prevention and control

Be a role model

When you walk, you model healthy behaviour for your kids. The family that walks together plays together.  Bundle up and let us know on Facebook or Twitter where you walked today, who you walked with, and how it made you feel. We’d love to see your photos!

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