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Saturday, July 13, 2024

4 Steps to Prepare Your Skin for the Fall

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4 Steps to Prepare Your Skin for the Fall

How do you prepare your skin for the cold weather? With these 4 steps, of course!

There’s no sense denying it—winter is just around the corner! If you’re not careful, with the chilly weather comes chapped lips, dry and itchy skin, and a dull complexion. Thankfully, with some natural products, TLC, and these four steps, you can stay glowing all season long.

1. Stock up on oils

Many people find that they have to switch up their skin care products with the changing seasons. For example, if you use a light lotion as a moisturizer in the summer, you may want to change it up and use a cream in the fall and winter. Another great option is oils, which are still all the rage in the world of beauty and skin care. Try an argan oil or jojoba oil blend for your face, or coconut oil for your legs, which are popular options that many people love.

2. Learn how to exfoliate your lips

Yes, your lips! We all know that exfoliating your body and face can keep a healthy complexion in dry weather, but it can also help your lips.

While natural lip balm is the best way to keep healthy lips soft, smooth, and kissable, what happens when you already have chapped, peeling lips? That’s when you want to have the power of a lip scrub in your back pocket. All you need is brown sugar, olive oil, warm water, and a soft washcloth. Get all the details in our article, “Get a Lock on Healthy Lips.”

3. Harness the healing power of steam

Have you ever tried an at-home steam treatment for your face? It’s like a spa in your own home! According to Kristen Ma, esthetician, Ayurvedic practitioner, and writer, “Steam helps to balance complexions, clear away clogged pores, and lubricate skin tissue.” There are endless infusions to try out, and it’s so easy to customize it to your unique needs. Check out our article “The Healing Power of Steam” to learn all about them.

4. Stay out of the heat!

We know, we know—there’s nothing more we want to do when the weather turns chilly and blustery than dive into a hot shower and emerge much, much later. But sadly, it saps the moisture from our skin.

Instead, stick to short, lukewarm showers and pamper yourself with a rich body cream afterward. Other tips to keep moisture inside, where it belongs, include drinking plenty of water each day and avoiding excess diuretics such as alcohol and caffeine.

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