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Monday, June 24, 2024

The Best Cardio for a Bad Back

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If you suffer from back pain, you might want to stay away from some traditional types of cardio exercise (such as cycling) that keep your spine in a forward flexed position, aggravating an existing back condition. Instead, we’ll focus on movements that keep your spine in a more comfortable neutral position.

In this short workout video, I’ll show you some of my favorite cardio exercises that can help you build fitness and burn calories without stressing your back. We’ll use a step for some of the moves, but not to worry if you don’t have one at home, I’ll also show you how to do the exercises without the step.

And of course, it’s important to note that weight loss happens with a combination of exercise and healthy eating. In order to lose weight you’ll need to create a caloric deficit, so be sure to pair your workouts with a healthy diet that is under your daily calorie needs in order to shed pounds effectively (download MyFitnessPal to start counting your calories and tracking your exercise today).

Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for my “workout” partner, my puppy Peanut, in this video! (Do you work out with your pets at home too?)

Did you try the moves? Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below!

Note: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. If you are working with a specific back injury, get your doctor and/or physical therapist’s approval before attempting this workout. If you suffer from back pain regularly, be sure to consult a professional for an expert diagnosis.

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