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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Fall Back into Fitness Pledge

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Whether you’ve fallen off the wagon with your regular workouts, you’re plateauing or you’re ready to start exercising this fall, this five-day fitness plan may be just want you need to start getting results.

Pledge today to get started on Monday. We’ll post a story a day, Monday through Friday, and you’ll be good to go!

How Will It Work?

Follow the suggested five-day schedule below, adjusting it as you see fit. Feel free to start Day 1 with us on Monday, and use Days 6 and 7 for your active rest (more intermediate to advanced exercisers may want to add additional workouts on those days, too). Repeat the schedule for as many weeks as you’d like to help re-establish your exercise habit.

What Do I Need to Do to Join?

The schedule is completely adaptable based on your needs and preferences. You can use the recommended five-day schedule and daily workouts or create your own. Feel free to hit the gym, take a class, work out at home, follow your own plan or try our workout video options for each daily session. The recommended duration is 20–30 minutes a day, but feel free to do more (or less) depending on how much time and energy you have. Start the program anytime and check in with us as you go, so we can cheer you on along the way!

The Suggested Fall Back into Fitness Schedule:

Day 1: Total-Body Strength Training

Day 2: Steady-State Cardio

Day 3: Interval Cardio + Core

Day 4: Strength Circuits

Day 5: Total Stretch

Days 6 & 7: Active Rest Days — Optional gentle yoga, cycling, walking and/or any add-on workouts of your choice (regular exercisers may want to add strength training, for example)

Let us know if you are all in!

If you are up for the the task, leave us a comment below and let us know that you’ll be joining us for this series. Also check in with us on your favorite social media platform using @myfitnesspal. (Be sure to tag @myfitnesspal, too!) We’re here to help support and hold each other accountable, so stay in touch on each post and/or via social media. Don’t be shy, we’re all in this together!

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