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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

4 Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Month!

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4 Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Month!

The sun is shining, the weather’s warm, and Family Fun Month is almost here. Here are four great ways to celebrate – one for each week!

The summer may be winding down and the kids may be getting ready to head back into the classroom, but that’s no excuse not to make the most of this year’s exciting and sunny Family Fun Month! Between shopping for eco-friendly school supplies and fitting in that pre-September eye appointment, don’t forgot to find the time this August to get together as a family and make some timeless memories.

Go camping

We all know how important the great outdoors can be to our health and our well-being, so why not take advantage of a sunny weekend to pack up the kids, load up the gear, and sing “Kumbaya” while roasting marshmallows?

The tall trees, fresh air, and blood-sucking mosquitoes can all combine to make a truly heart-warming bonding experience. Just make sure that your camping gear—and insect repellant—are as eco-friendly as your family.

Make sure that dish soaps are biodegradable, food containers are BPA-free, and insect repellants are effective!

Hit the beach

The only thing better than relaxing on a sandy beach? Playing Frisbee on it with the kids and/or the significant other. If you’re spending a day with the sand and shoreline, though, remember to practise sun safety to avoid some less than desirable side effects (read: turning red like a lobster).

Cover up with some loose, tightly knit clothing, and seek out some shade when the sun gets too intense.

Slather on some sunscreen at least 20 minutes before heading out, and make sure to reapply often. Finally, top it all off with a pair of cool shades and sturdy, wide-brimmed hats for everyone!

Try a new hobby

Learning together can be a fun opportunity to learn about your own interests as well as those of the kids’. Make some time this month to sit down together and discuss some things you’d like to try out.

Birding is one inexpensive way to get the kids—and you—out of the house and wandering through parks and along trails. All you need as a pair of binoculars, a set of sturdy shoes, and a field guide!

Gardening, meanwhile, is one hobby that can help budding foodies learn where all those tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots come from. Just be sure to keep things simple (after all, few people need a dozen different types of carrot) and get digging!


Involving the kids in volunteering activities can help them think critically about the world that surrounds them—it also shows them that steps can be taken to help others who need help and change things that need changing.

There are many food banks, conservation efforts, and other worthy causes that always appreciate an extra pair of helping hands (no matter how small those hands may be). Alternatively, you can make your own volunteering opportunities, such as helping an elderly neighbour with yard work or adopting a local park.

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