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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The New Healthier You Fitness Plan, Day 7: Rest

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Welcome back to The New Healthier You Fitness Plan. On day 7 of each week, we’ll focus on recovery.

You may think that doing daily workouts might speed up your results, but the truth is rest and recovery are just as important to your body (and spirit). It is possible to do too much exercise, and overtraining can cause symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, fatigue, injury—even sugar cravings—all of which could hinder your progress.

So, for at least one day a week, simply enjoy some relaxation time. You can still stay active with light activities such as walking, gardening or gentle yoga—just take it easy and allow yourself adequate time to rest. Here are a few more ways to spend your rest day:

  • Join me for this 20-minute recovery day routine
  • Try this Qigong breathing exercise
  • Foam roll for 15 minutes
  • Do some chair yoga

Tell me, what did you do today to give your body a little TLC? Leave me a comment below and let us know what you did to fit in some R&R time.

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