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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Prep for a 10K with Just 3 Runs per Week

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Yes, you can run a 6.2-miler in four weeks with just three workouts a week. You’ll earn serious bragging rights and burn some 650 calories. We mapped out a simple calendar that’ll help you get there.

Observe all the white space on this calendar [click here to download it, and click on the graphic below to enlarge it]. Forgive us if we’ve given you too many days off. But running coach Mario Fraioli, author of The Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide to Marathon & Half- Marathon Training, says you can do three workouts a week and be 10K-ready in a month. On a Monday, he may have you run and cross train; Wednesday, he might say sprint and lift; Saturday, jog only—each “on” day you’ll never spend much more than an hour in sneaks. We know what you’re thinking: I got this. Yep, you do.

10K training plan

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