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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Get Toned Arms (Just in Time for Tank Top Season!)

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This routine by Sarah Kush targets the upper body—primarily the arms and shoulders—and is focused on posture, alignment and form. In this Grokker video, Sarah takes you through a variety of unique, low-impact bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. If you are looking to shake up your normal exercise routine, give this workout a try, as it incorporates very detailed instruction to teach you proper form, but also provides a challenging and fun workout that will tone and strengthen your arms. Get ready for sleek, toned arms!

Try the workout and tell us what you think in the comments below!

grokkerGrokker sifts through the thousands of videos on the web, constantly filtering and aggregating the best cooking, yoga, and fitness videos available so you don’t have to. On Grokker, you’ll only find videos that pass the strictest editorial, quality, and taste standards. Grokker premium videos are breathtaking cooking, yoga, and fitness videos taught by Grokker’s handpicked experts and created in-house by our talented production team. We are here to connect YOU (the passionate enthusiast) with expert video and help you get better at what you love.

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