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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A 10-Minute Ab Workout that Won’t Hurt Your Back! (Video!)

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If traditional core-strengthening moves, like crunches and twists, bother your back, don’t suffer! There are plenty of effective ways to work your abs without straining your back. This full-length workout routine is designed for those who experience back pain during floor abdominal exercises.

It may only be 10 minutes, but it’s the best ab workout for those who suffer from back pain!

Level: All | Intensity: Moderate, Low Impact |Equipment: Mat, Sturdy Chair, Light Dumbbell (optional)

If you have a specific back injury, be sure to get approval from your doctor or physical therapist before attempting any workout. And if you suffer from back pain regularly, be sure to consult a professional for an expert diagnosis.

Want to learn more about how to keep your back healthy? Check out my interview with back pain specialist Dr. Yoav Suprun.

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