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Friday, July 12, 2024

10 Moves to Build Balance

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Functional fitness contributes to quality of life in so many ways: We feel better when we can move well without pain—and feeling good when you move is one of the keys to making exercise a lifelong habit.

This fun, dynamic workout challenges your speed and agility, all while working on your balance.

Your balance and stability work is the foundation for which your strength, speed and power is built upon. Incorporating balance work into your training will ensure proper posture, stability and muscle balance.

Intervals Using the Tabata Pro App

30 seconds of WORK and 15 seconds of REST

Warm-up: Your warm-up should mimic your workout with big range of motion movements like squats, knee tucks, bottom kickers and lateral lunges.

  1. Work: Jog into a Single-Single-Hold
  2. Rest: Squats
  3. Work: Speed Skaters. For an extra challenge, slow down your tempo.
  1. Rest: Plank Hold or Mountain Climbers
  2. Work: Hops can be double leg with the option to change direction. For an extra challenge, hop on one leg instead of both.
  3. Rest: Squats
  1. Work: Jump Squats or Dorothy’s
  2. Rest: Static Squat
  3. Work: Forward Jump and Scoot in Back
  1. Rest: Plank Hold
  2. Work: Jog it Out & In
  3. Rest: Squats
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