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Friday, June 21, 2024

Good Choices for Cancer Prevention

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Good Choices for Cancer Prevention

Choices Markets team up with InspireHealth this April to promote nutrition and wellness for cancer prevention and recovery.

As the old edict goes; “Good health begins at home.” April, as you may know, is Cancer Month. With that in mind, Choices Markets have teamed up with InspireHealth integrative cancer care centre to provide a month of free public events and information on nutrition for the prevention and treatment of cancer.  

This BC event, now in its fourth year, aims to raise awareness that nutrition plays a huge part in cancer care and prevention. Last year over $22,000 was raised for the cause.

Nutrition for preventive health

Dr. Hal Gunn, CEO and co-founder of InspireHealth, states “A growing body of research shows that a program of health, that includes healthful nutrition and exercise,that reduces chronic inflammation and improves immune function is associated with improved survival in cancer patients and a reduction in cancer recurrence. At InspireHealth, our patients experience firsthand the value of supporting their own health through and after cancer treatment.”

Pairing this kind of event with an organic market is a great way to encourage people to think about preventive health in their daily lives. Integrating smart choices in your weekly grocery shop is a great step towards protecting your future health.

Get involved

Events kick-off this “Inspired Saturday” on April 5. Choices’ nutritionists will be on hand for the day at all seven BC stores, and there will also be a contest to win a wellness vacation to Hollyhock on Cortes Island. Throughout the rest of the month, Inspired Shopping Lists will be available, detailing a full range of products and groceries to aid in cancer prevention and overall wellness.

If you are hungry to learn more, there are several talks led by InspireHealth physicians to attend, called Inspired Immune Health. These will be focused on the immune system and its integral role in recovery for any kind of disease, including cancer. Everything we eat, drink and do can have some kind of effect on our immune systems, and its ability to maintain our health. For more information, registration and to attend, check out InspireHealth’s website.

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