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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Attend the Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration Gala!

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Attend the Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration Gala!

On October 2, support cancer patients in developing countries by attending Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration’s charitable gala in Vancouver, BC.

None of us wants to experience cancer firsthand. But in Canada, we’re lucky to have access to health care that can help cancer patients manage their symptoms.

Unfortunately, almost 75 percent of people with cancer aren’t so lucky. They live in the developing world, where this disease is often a death sentence.

That’s where Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration comes in. Aiming to bridge the gap between our world and the developing world, this nonprofit organization provides much-needed cancer care in places such as India and Tanzania—and you can help!

What is the Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration Gala?

If you live in BC, join 300 passionate business and community leaders on Thursday, October 2, at the first Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration Gala. The event is an exclusive, intimate opportunity to raise awareness and funding for Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration’s meaningful work around the world.

Not only will you be contributing to a worthy cause, but you’ll also be able to enjoy

  • a delicious five-course meal
  • live music courtesy of Las Vegas crooner Cole Page
  • a raffle, with the grand prize of an original, handcrafted necklace valued at $24,000

The gala takes place at the plush Marriot Pinnacle Downtown Hotel in Vancouver—not a bad venue for mingling, eating, and learning more about Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration.

It sounds amazing, right? Show your support for Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration by purchasing tickets for this elegant event.

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