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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Sandi Gauvin


Deep, Dark Chocolate Secrets

Dark chocolate isn\'t just for Valentine\'s Day. The benefits of this deep dark treat include a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced stress, and even improved memory. So you won\'t forget to eat

Smile! Time to Celebrate Oral Health—Show off Your Pearly Whites

In China, they celebrate “Love Your Teeth Day!” In Canada, we have an entire month (April) to celebrate our pearly whites. Find out some of the surprising ways our oral health can affect our overall h

What’s That You Say? It’s Speech and Hearing Awareness Month?

What? Pardon me? I can’t hear you! Did you say: “Take care of your ears!”? (We sure did!)How many times did you say, “Pardon me?” or “What?” or “Say again?” today? If the answer is not at all, you pro

2015: The Year in Review

Curious about what scientists were up to in 2015? These health studies hold some interesting insights into natural health, wellness, exercise, and the environment.As we near the end of another year, a

Heart Disease

Heart disease has long been recognised as a male health problem, but it\'s the number one killer of women in Australia. Learn about gender differences in heart health.We take our hearts for granted whe

Sensitive to Scents

It can hit you like a wall: the overpowering odour of too much perfume. For those who are sensitive to scent, hidden scents can also pose a variety of health problems.Have you noticed lately that almo

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