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Monday, June 24, 2024

The Top 14 Workouts of 2014

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Working out is a part of everyone’s health journey, so we were interested to see which exercises you like best. From one minute cardio rounds to full blown HIIT workout plans, we took a look at all the workouts we shared with you in 2014 and crunched the numbers to find…

The Top 14 Workouts of 2014!

1. Five Minute Crunch-less Core Workout (Video!)

2. Fast Fitness! Get Strong with No Equipment (Video!)

3. 5 Move Lower Body Workout

4. The Do Anywhere HIIT Bodyweight Workout

5. A 10 Minute Ab Workout that Won’t Hurt Your Back (Video!)

6. 5 Bodyweight Moves that Burn Fat – Fast!

7. The 28-Day Squat Challenge You’ll Want to Start Now!

8. Get Fit in 1 Minute with Cardio Lightning Rounds (Video!)

9. 5 Barre Moves You Can Do At Home

10. A Fat-Melting HIIT Workout Plan that Works!

11. The Best Lower Body Workout for Bad Knees (Video!)

12. 22 Kick-Butt Kettlebell Exercises

13. 9 of the All-Time Greatest Glute Moves

14. The Best 15 Minute Jump Rope Workout

What were your favorite workouts in 2014? Tell us in the comments below.

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