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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Swing into Spring

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Swing into Spring

While spring naturally means it’s time for a refresh for many homeowners, it doesn’t mean you’re limited only to a cleaning party. Take advantage of the season by using it as an opportunity to upgrade different areas of your home for reasons ranging from energy efficiency and convenience to ease of living and safety.

With increasing technology for smart home devices and ever-evolving design styles, upgrading your home can be nearly anything you make of it. These ideas include ways that you can add organization, revolutionize your home tech, increase energy efficiency, enhance security and more.

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Elegant, Functional Shelving

Open shelving can add character, design and attractive storage to your home. For example, ClosetMaid’s Ventilated Shelving exhibits simple elegance and is both an aesthetically pleasing way to showcase your favorite things and functional enough to keep linens fresh in the closet or hold clutter at bay by the front door. Made from solid wood and epoxy-coated steel, these shelves are easy to install, durable and can complement nearly any room. Learn more at

Revolutionize Your Home

Take your smart home setup to the next level with assistance from a product like the Google Home Hub. Its 7-inch touch screen and built-in Google Assistant technology answers your questions, shows you the weather and more using voice recognition software. The virtual assistant is available at retailers like Office Depot or OfficeMax, which offer Workonomy Tech Services to install smart home devices for added convenience. It also works with other smart hubs for fluid integration between all your at-home tech devices. Find more information at

Natural Light, Fresh Air

Add natural light and fresh air to your home with an option like Velux No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights featuring pre-installed light filtering or light blocking shades in more than 80 colors. The skylights use a solar panel to capture daylight and recharge a battery-operated control system. They can also be opened and closed via remote control or smartphone app, and a rain sensor closes the skylights during inclement weather. Find more information at

A Front Door Fixer Upper

Anytime is a good time to make sure your home is safe, particularly at what’s often the main point of entry – your front door. This spring is an ideal time to keep out unwanted guests with a door that’s sturdy and draft-resistant while also providing an aesthetic touch for enhanced curb appeal. When choosing a door that’s right for your home, focus on options that include a strong deadbolt and thick frame for peace of mind.

Smart Home Safety

With safety typically representing a top priority for most homeowners, taking advantage of smart technology can be one way to improve your feelings of safety and comfort in your home. A solution like a smart lock on the main entryway to your house can add security while also ensuring you’re never locked out of your own home. With options that can pair with apps on your smartphone or feature keyless entry via unique numerical passwords, you can marry convenience with safety.

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