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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Renovations for the Ages

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Renovations for the Ages - 13811

Renovations for the Ages

Antique upgrades for kitchen and bath

Not every renovation project is intended to make the space look shiny and new. A design that celebrates decades (or even centuries) past can carry the same big impact for a dramatically updated look.

Antique upgrades celebrate the old-timey charm that modern design often ignores. An added benefit to an antique motif: the opportunity to display family heirlooms and treasures from previous generations that blend seamlessly into your home.

In most houses, the kitchen and bathrooms are where modern conveniences are most obvious. The appliances and fixtures in these rooms offer convenience and function few homeowners are willing to sacrifice for the sake of aesthetics. Fortunately, these tips show how you can capture old-world ambiance while enjoying the comforts of modern living.

Back-to-basics bathroom
Indoor plumbing is arguably the greatest asset of the modern home, but there’s no need to sacrifice contemporary function when you take a step back in time with your bathroom decor. A claw foot tub makes for a stunning focal point, and a stylish pedestal sink adds character a modern vanity simply can’t deliver.

The one downside, limited storage space, can be easily remedied. A distressed cupboard or cabinet fitted with an antique window pane door is a simple DIY solution, or rely on stacked wooden crates (sanded and finished, of course) for a whimsical tower to fill with towels and other necessities.

In a small space like a bathroom, it can be difficult to evoke just the right impression with fixtures and furnishings alone. That’s where accessories can play a transformative role. Rely on historic photographs, vintage mirrors and antique curios such as old buckets and chairs to let your creativity run wild. A bucket makes a perfect toilet paper holder and the rungs of a forgotten old chair are ideal for an old-fashioned towel rack.

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Old-meets-new kitchen
For a kitchen stylized to honor the past, there’s nothing more distracting than modern appliances. Fully capturing the warmth and charm of a country, century or Victorian kitchen requires complementing antique-style appliances. With careful attention to vintage design, a line like Elmira Stove Works’ appliances complete the traditional feel of a “vintage” kitchen, rather than detract from it, as would modern-style black, white or stainless steel.

Fortunately, the “antique” aspect of these appliances ends with the appearance, as the complete line features the latest in cooking technology to ease routine food preparation and meet the high standards of the home chef.

For example, among the features is a full-size, self-cleaning true convection oven with the look of a vintage two-door range. The front panel displaying the “fire door,” “oven door” and “ash catch” conceals the full-size oven behind. A matching 1,200-watt microwave features a removable turntable, 10 power levels, turbo-defrost and five-stage programmable cooking with an optional nickel or antique copper door frame.

The complete line includes a customizable collection of ranges, wall ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and matching panels for dishwashers. To learn more, visit


Elmira Stove Works

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