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Saturday, July 13, 2024

7-Minute Routine to Improve Mobility

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Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a workout and unsure of why you’re putting yourself through all this torture? They say that working out is good for you, but what’s the point, especially when it’s so hard? Well, I have some exciting news: We’ve curated this workout to specifically train you to live better. Every single exercise will enhance your everyday movements like carrying and balancing, making you stronger at the things you do every day — even when you’re not working out.

The Workout
Scroll down for full explanations and pictures.

1. Skips
2. Deadlifts
3. Forward Lunge
4. Basic Sit-Up
5. Russian Twist
6. Plank
7. Squat

Equipment: Dumbbells

Focus: Total body

Total time: 7 minutes

Instructions: Perform each more for one minute with no rest in between. If you are short on time perform this once. If you can spare 23 minutes, then perform this routine three times with one minute of rest in between sets. Then, watch yourself get stronger doing everyday things!

1. Skips: We’re pretty sure you’ve done this one before, but just in case, leap forward on one leg and do a little hop and then switch to the other leg.


2. Deadlifts: Begin standing with feet hip width apart. Slide dumbbells towards legs as you lower into a half squat. Come back to standing.

deadlift 1deadlift 2

3. Forward Lunge: Being standing with feet hip width apart. Step one foot forward as far as you can as you can while bending both knees to come into a lunge.


4. Basic Sit-Up: Lie on your back with hands behind your head and knees towards the sky. Draw your belly button towards your spine as your lift your back off the ground into a crunch.


5. Russian Twist: Sit with your feet off the ground and shins parallel to the floor. Lean back 45 degrees and twist your torso side to side.

Russian twist

6. Plank: Place your hands directly under your shoulders and come up to a high push-up position with your feet extended behind you. Imagine there is a straight line from head to toe.


7. Squat: Stand with your feet a little more than hip-width apart. Sit your hips down and back as if you were sitting onto a chair. Make sure your knees do not pass your toes and your heels do not lift off the ground.


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