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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

5-Minute Boxing Home Workout

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Add some variety to your workout regime with this boxing style home workout you can do anywhere, anytime. Develop your strength, speed, power and endurance–key elements associated with the incredible cross-fitness levels of boxers. Still not convinced? It’ll also increase your coordination and stability. So, get ready to hone your boxing skills with this ideal, compact, cross-training workout.

Note: Before starting, ensure there is sufficient headroom (for jumping) and the area is clear of obstructions. As some of the elements involve jumping, its advisable to wear cushioned footwear and comfortable clothing. If you are suffering from any biomechanical issues, sit this routine out (e.g. bad knees).

5-Minute Boxing Circuit Explained:

1. Fast and Loose Shadow Boxing ‘Straight Punches’ | 60 seconds.

Fast and Loose Straight shots

Coming up onto the balls of your feet, transfer your weight from side to side while throwing left and right straight combinations. Focus on a smooth coordinated movements. Once your timing is established, execute a medium to high tempo for a heart pumping endurance set.






2. Knuckle Press-Up | 10-12 reps.

Knuckle Press-UpsThis exercise has all the benefits of a traditional press-up (strengthening the chest, shoulders and triceps), with the added bonus of building strength in your forearms and the bones of your wrists. Slow the movement down if it’s too easy or modify into an extended kneeling knuckle press-up if it’s too hard (support the body on the knees maintaining a straight line through the body). The aim is to stay within the hypertrophy and strength range of 10-12 repetitions.

3. Plyometric Press-Up | 6-8 reps.

Plyometric Press-UpsHaving just ‘primed’ your fast twitch fibres with press-ups, explode into these power building plyometric press-ups. Focus on pushing as fast and as hard as you can away from the floor, clap your hands and go straight into another rep. If these prove too difficult modify to the extended kneeling version (support the body on the knees maintaining a straight line through the body).

4. Fast and Loose Shadow Boxing ‘Upper-Cut Punches’ | 60 seconds.

Fast and Loose Straight uppercutsAs before, come up onto the balls of the feet, transferring your weight from side to side while throwing upper-cuts in a circular, fluid movement. Establish the timing and raise the tempo to a medium/high pace for the prescribed time. As well as being a further endurance challenge, this exercise is useful for shaking off the tension created by the plyometric press-up.





5. Squat Hold | 30-60 seconds.

Isometric SquatsAssume a comfortable squat position and hold at the bottom of the movement for time. This Isometric exercise (referred to as a yielding Isometric) will get you to fire all of your motor-units and core stabilisers, as well as preparing your fast twitch fibres for the final exercise. The squat hold will also strengthen your knee joints and blast your quads.






6. Frog Jump | 8-10 reps.

Frog JumpsFinish the circuit with these explosive lower body ‘reactive strength’ frog jumps. Drive hard away from the ground performing all the reps continuously. Concentrate on keeping correct form vertically. The combination of the Squat hold and Squat Jump is referred to as a ‘complex’ pairing and is considered the gold standard in terms of explosive development.


This circuit should take approximately 5 minutes. You can progress by resting 1-2 minutes and going again! Before long you’ll become a fast twitch machine and all in the comfort of your own home!

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