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Friday, July 12, 2024
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7 Steps to Plan a Remodel

7 Steps to Plan a RemodelRemodeling your home can be one of the most exciting projects to undertake. Whether you’re thinking about a bathroom update, kitchen overhaul or a new room addition, planning

Make the Most of Your Bathroom Renovation

Make the Most of Your Bathroom RenovationAdding additional bathroom space to your home or renovating an outdated lavatory can improve your home’s usability and increase its value, too. To get the most

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living SpaceHome improvement projects aren\'t limited to indoors. In fact, not only can upgrades to areas outside the house expand your livable space, they can also increase your h

7 Steps to Prepare for a Home Remodel

7 Steps to Prepare for a Home RemodelA homeowner’s motivation for taking on a remodeling project can vary greatly, but there’s one universal rule of thumb: home upgrades should add value, function or

Energy-Efficient Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

Energy-Efficient Ideas to Upgrade Your HomeEnergy bills are likely among the largest expenses for homeowners, but you can take action to lower those costs. During a remodel, a certified contractor can

Hire Smart for Home Remodeling

Hire Smart for Home RemodelingWhen you decide to make the investment in a home improvement project, you’re likely entrusting a professional contractor to bring your vision to life on time and on budge

Award-Winning Outdoor Space Inspiration

Award-Winning Outdoor Space InspirationRenovating your home’s outdoor spaces not only enhances the aesthetic but can also provide a host of recreational benefits. Taking a look at award-winning projec

Make Health a Priority When Remodeling

Make Health a Priority When RemodelingWhen you tackle a remodeling project, there are many unknowns, including what types of materials you might uncover. Hazardous materials must be addressed, and pos

7 Tips for Selecting a Remodeler

7 Tips for Selecting a RemodelerWhen planning a potential home remodeling project, the list of decisions to make may feel nearly endless. Ultimately, you may find the most important decision is choosi

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